Evolution based on cooperation

In Mundifios, a company dedicated to the commerce of yarns for the textile industry, there is an atmosphere of proximity in the premises where the attention to the details and a sense of well-being rule. It is mainly through direct contact that concerns are taken to the administration. With its door opened to all the collaborators, the board of the company, which was granted the Award for Excellence in Work in the category of small companies in the Industry and Energy sectors is committed to solve everyone's problems and to create long lasting relations. We do not want unsatisfied collaborators.

Mundifios' message is that the business only evolves if everyone helps.

Early in the morning, the employees are offered a coffee or a tea and a cake. For that purpose, the company has a room where the employees can have their breakfast, have a little chat and even read the latest company news.

Bringing the workers closer together is a crucial focal point in Mundifios' strategy. The company also organises the traditional Christmas dinner and annual meetings with its entire staff. The children of the collaborators are not forgotten: they get a Christmas present and now a cheque for a dental check-up. But for interpersonal relations not to be constantly the board's initiative, the sales team also promotes a dinner around the time of the performance awards. The aim of all these meetings is to foster team spirit and integration without forgetting to celebrate the successes.

Beside the awards, at Mundifios, a company that supplies yarns to the national textile sector, the wages are above the market. As a matter of fact, from this company from Guimarães no one leaves with the minimum wage. On the contrary! And the company adds a health insurance to the monthly wage. Overall, the employees are satisfied. This might be why there is no significant turnover of employees. Per year, the company, which has a very stable staff, pays two wages more than what the law states, besides other benefits awarded for performance and functions.

And this is for all collaborators. And then there is still room for pampering gifts. The cold felt in the warehouse is freezing and to diminish the discomfort for the operators and the drivers, the company as acquired jackets for them to work comfortably. And the gifts are also for the outside community. In some actions made possible with the support of the collaborators, the company grants annual donations to local initiatives, as well as the festivals and the sports associations, besides national causes such as the fight against cancer.

With regard to the results, and despite the crisis, the business is doing well and an increase of the profits and sales is foreseen, which mainly results from the raw materials cost increase.

in: Jornal Económico, Sónia Santos Pereira - JANEIRO 2011