«The new spinning mill will be operating in the beginning of 2015»

Mundifios, through its participated company, Inovafil, is installing a new spinning mill at the TMG facilities, where was previously located one of the spinning mills of this group. Joaquim Fernandes explains the reasons that led to this new project and establishes the aims set for both companies that he manages.

Which are the aims set for this new spinning mill unit?
It will be a unit dedicated to support the textile sector in the development of new products based on a close and quality service.

When shall it start producing?
The new spinning mill shall be working at the beginning of 2015 and the recruitment process is already ongoing.

Since 2011, Mundifios changed its business model by investing in the production area. How do you
assess this change of strategy? The Portuguese market went through changes these past years, and we felt a decrease of the quantities sold and an increase of the range of articles sold. Since production was not in Mundifios’ agenda, two independent structures dedicated to the production or transformation of yarns were established: Inovafil and Avefios. We also subcontract companies with which we establish partnerships.

Is having yarns “made in Portugal” a surplus value for the company in foreign markets?
To have “made in Portugal” yarns is a surplus value for the market that still values the "made in Europe" label. For the remaining markets, the asset is the quality and the competiveness of the product. This is a global market in which the idea that the competitor countries produce a product of less quality is outdated.

Mundifios is strongly investing in the internationalisation and it was present at many trade
fairs this year. Were there any real outcomes from these fairs?
Internationalisation is one of the pillars of Mundifios’ growth strategy and we are pleased with the results obtained. We already play a leading role in some markets where we started the implementation process earlier and we are in the early stage in more recent markets.

Which has been the receptiveness to the company's portfolio in those countries?
Overall, the products sold by Mundifios are perfectly suited to the different markets in which we are present because we do not feel there are huge differences from the items consumed outside the Portuguese market.

Which is currently Mundifios export quota?
At present, 30% of Mundifios total turnover is from international markets.

How many employees do you currently have at the company? Right now, we have 28 collaborators.

Mundifios integrates the Mozambique Cotton Manufacturers consortium. Which advantages does this project bring to the company?
The Mozambique project is the outcome of a financial investment from Mundifios in order to achieve geographical diversification. As an MCM shareholder, Mundifios expects to obtain future benefits as return on capital.

How do you assess the ongoing year? It was a particularly difficult year, since the international crisis pending over Europe affects the consumers' trust and the threat of deflation might condition still further the purchase decisions and thus leading to the continuous price fall, which shall invariably affect the weakest economies like ours.

Which is the forecast for the 2014 turnover? Our turnover shall be of approximately 70 million euros, which represents an increase of 2% when compared to the previous year.

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